Red Nesoi

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Magic. Fun. Happy. - Inspired by the brightness of the 80s and the whimsy of the 90s, this 2 sheet set packs some major rainbow punch! Make a statement with a parade of colors, accented with our signature metallic gold and silver, at birthday parties, festivals, vacations, spring break, pride !

Get the look of layered jewelry by mixing and matching the necklaces, chokers and bracelets. Compliment your favorite beauty look with confetti freckles. Channel your inner hippie with peace signs. The possibilities are endless!

WHAT’S INSIDE: Two 9” X 6” sheets featuring over 40 different designs in colorful rainbow, metallic silver and metallic gold colors.

Sheet 1: Confetti freckles, various flowers, rainbow stars, unicorn, geometric lines, mini rainbows, rainbow cloud pendant necklace, rainbow dot necklace, sprinkles freckles
Sheet 2: Large and mini multi-color diamond gems, large and mini lightning bolts, large and mini peace signs, star freckles, phrases "party time excellent!", "let's party!", and "awesome", rainbow chain bracelet/choker/anklet, rainbow stripe bracelet/choker/anklet, gold 90s-inspired tattoo choker, rainbow dot bracelet/choker/anklet